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About US

• Shenzhen Xiong Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of plastic Boxes, cylindrical type of packaging machinery and equipment manufacturers, is a research, development and innovation, sales and service of high-tech enterprises and glue manufacturers. Our existing products: the new automatic plastic box machines, automatic cylinder machine, microcomputer semi-cylinder machine cylinder curling machine, semi-automatic plastic box machine, folding machine, edge machine and so on.

• "superb machinery manufacturing, production of quality adhesives, for customers to solve problems, help customers succeed。" Purpose of the enterprise, but also the basis for the development of the business has grown。

• I sought precise, accurate, high-precision machining centers using Zero, accessories, create a new generation of more complete functional plastic boxes Nien box.

• Bear Machinery production of optical fiber equipment, electrical, pneumatic in one, unique technology, simple operation, fast commissioning, high degree of automation, has been widely recognized as a highly efficient, energy-saving products, has become the industry's well-known brand, plastic boxes leader.

• Xiong Machinery Co., Ltd. welcome all customers at home and abroad and work together towards success! Welcome to contact us, site visits.


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Shenzhen Xiong adhesive Ltd.

Address: Shenzhen Baoan District Tai Tong Wai and down sand three industrial zones

Contact: Miss Tang / Miss Zhou

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